Wednesday, 12 November 2014

DIY Pompom Skirt

After seeing this gorgeous skirt on MoodKids I decided to attempt to make one for my niece for Christmas.

photo credit MoodKids

Steps: (I hope this makes sense as I forgot to take photos when I made it)
1.  Measure 33cm down on the fabric and cut straight across the width (my fabric was 115cm wide)
2. Sew the two selvaged edges together to  get a tube.
3. fold this in half width wise and fill with pompoms, flowers, feathers etc
4. Sew the top edges together (I overlocked then sewed to make it nice and strong).
5. Fold the top edge down 4 cm and sew around to make the elastic casing, leaving a small gap to insert elastic.
6. Cut the elastic to the correct length for your childs waist measurement.
7. Using a safety pin thread the elastic around the casing, then sew the two ends together.
8. Sew up the gap where you inserted the elastic and you are finished.
Yup it's that easy folks!

I must say I like the tule better on their skirt, I had this pearl fabric so I thought I'd use it and possibly I went a little cray cray on the pompoms! I'm always telling the kids at school less is more, I think I should have taken my own advice.

Jada xx

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